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    Get Pzaz app for Android TV.

    Step-by-step instructions on how to sideload Pzaz on your Android TV, select your Android OS:
    Android 6.
    Android 9.
    Android TV.

    What is sideloading?

    Sideloading is the term used to describe manually installing an app on a device. You sideload an app when it is not available on the official app store; Play Store for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices.

    There are several reasons why you might need to sideload an app:

    • The app is not available on the official app store. This might be because the company has not uploaded the app, or it might be because of restrictions imposed by the official app stores.
    • You need a different version of the app. Official app stores only provide the latest version of the app, but you might need an earlier version that is compatible with your device.
    • You prefer to download from another app store. There are several third-party unofficial app stores, including Amazon App Store, which can give you access to thousands of apps.

    Pzaz asks our customers to sideload the Pzaz app on Android TV because we have taken the decision not to upload our app to the Google Play store due to restrictions imposed by the platform.

    Is sideloading safe?

    Yes, providing you trust the source. Just as you would not download software from unscrupulous websites, you should not download and sideload apps from sources you do not trust.

    Rest assured you are on the Pzaz website, downloading our official Pzaz app for Android TV.

    Ready to install Pzaz on your Android TV?