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Pzaz, Independent TV.

TV audiences are tired of captive subscription models and juggling multiple apps in search of something to watch. They just want to discover and indulge in great TV. Pzaz is
bursting with live TV, movies, series, radio, and music.

Pzaz is the all-in-one ‚ÄėTV and music super app‚Äô that turns all devices instantly into TV screens.

Like Roku and AppleTV,
but better.

With an overwhelming range of captive distribution platforms, it can be hard to decide where to invest your time and money.

Pzaz is like ROKU and Apple TV, but it runs on software, not a dedicated hardware ecosystem. It connects content publishers to avid TV & Music consumers anywhere, on all devices.


‚ÄėPzaz‚Äô in a nutshell.

Your audience can be
anywhere, on all devices. You
set the rules.
Promote your channel to our
growing audience. (500,000+
users and expanding rapidly).
Your own channel and apps are
Easily distribute your content
to our audience and beyond.
Stay in control of your content,
your subscribers, your data
and your finances.
Premium subscriptions are
processed in Pzaz but fed
directly into your bank account.

Pzaz is all about

Pzaz provides the perfect mix of free and paid TV channels, video on demand, the world’s largest TV Guide and Universal Search with hundreds of external movie services searchable directly in Pzaz.

Our rapidly expanding partner channel lineup ensures a continuous stream of fresh content. With binge-worthy TV – films, shows, series, sports and more – Pzaz users build their own lineup to indulge in great TV.

Pzaz provide end-to-end delivery and monetization technology for your content that gets you up and running in no time.


We take care,
for you.

Pzaz facilitates the connection and delivery between you and your audiences. We handle all technical aspects — end-to-end — including a powerful control panel, extraordinary video apps, CRM and content delivery, so you can focus on publishing and monetization.

Pzaz is specially designed to increase revenue, engage users and maximize learnings. It’s a versatile platform which supports all forms of revenue model including subscription, ad-based, pay-per-view and freemium.

Publishing your channel is FREE. No strings attached.

We make
Publishing easy.

Think of all the publishing platforms that require you to develop your own apps and invest your time to promote your offering for each publishing platform individually. Pzaz is

Publishing is quick and easy with your own ‚ÄúPowered by Pzaz‚ÄĚ channel and apps included. No development required! Just configure your channel and upload your branded apps
for instant distribution on all major app stores and a broad range of devices. Whatever devices your customers use – TV, box, stick, PC, tablet or mobile.


End-to-end solution for TV providers.

Take the television-viewing experience to new heights by upgrading to our top-tier CDN and hosting packages.
Deliver your content to your users locally, globally, while eradicating delivery problems associated with
distribution, bandwidth, and server performance.

Pzaz moves beyond the structural limits of location and devices. It's global
but local. You are in control on who you want to target, where and how.

Own the financial relationship with your audience.

Pzaz is a facilitator, not a reseller. We take care of the technical aspects, leaving you free to focus on what matters; publishing and monetization.

Pzaz is a versatile platform supporting multiple revenue models; subscriptions, ad-based, pay-per-view and freemium. We only charge sales commission on premium content. Publishing your regular content is FREE.

Your Pzaz partnership includes your own hosted payment gateway. Premium subscriptions are processed in Pzaz but fed directly into your bank account. Easily connect Braintree (PayPal), Stripe or others and get paid for your content instantly.

What’s in it for Pzaz?

We are creating the world's largest independent TV marketplace. Pzaz users can cherry-pick
what they want to watch, creating an exhilarating TV experience.


Partner with us today and launch
your channel tomorrow.

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