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    Home > Press Centre > Filmová knihovna společnosti High Octane Pictures je nyní k dispozici na Pzaz TV.

    Filmová knihovna společnosti High Octane Pictures je nyní k dispozici na Pzaz TV.

    5. dubna 2022

    High Octane Pictures releases its channel Octane TV to stream on Pzaz TV with its full catalogue offering over 75 movies across a broad range of genres including sci-fi, actionadventure, horror, suspense, thriller, foreign film, and family film categories.

    The current titles available to watch include ‘Infinitum: Subject Unknown’ a sci-fi movie directed by Matthew Butler-Hart and starring Sir Ian McKellen. The plot follows Jane as she wakes up in a weird, empty world. Unbeknownst to her, she is a participant in an unusual experiment. She must find a way out with few clues and minimal assistance in order to avoid reliving the same day indefinitely.

    Other titles include Skybound, which stars Harry Potter and The Vampire Diaries actress Scarlett Byrne and follows five people stuck onboard a plane with a dangerous passenger. Stranded stars Christian Slater, and follows four astronauts working at a lunar base as they suffer a meteor strike that brings an infection that leads to paranoia, fear and death.

    Key movies available on Octane TV are American Has Fallen, Gold Dust, and Convergence. With more titles being added in the future, Octane TV provides something for everyone.

    "High Octane Pictures cultivates strong relationships with distributors, financiers, talent agencies, and various strategic entertainment partnerships across a number of great movies. For Pzaz the chance to bring a library of exciting movie titles featuring some wellknown actors is exciting news for our audience of film and TV lovers looking to discover something new to watch.” – Vincent Weberink

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