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    Pzaz Channel Partner Agreement

    (Last updated: August 02, 2022)

    Signing up with Pzaz is simple and easy. We have a no-nonsense approach and love clarity. Our agreement with you does not use legal language; instead, our writing is clear and we expect you to use common sense, since being on Pzaz means you are entering into a partnership. And not just a partnership with Pzaz, but also with every other partner on the platform, allowing us to build success together. Our core principle is that you bring your audience and get ‚Äúa-thousand‚ÄĚ in return. Pzaz is non-sticky and non-exclusive by design – you can have your content here and everywhere else, and if you no longer ‚Äúlove Pzaz‚ÄĚ, you can leave without any difficulties – we will not stop you. This document is the entire agreement between You and Pzaz and supersedes all other existing agreements on this matter. By creating an account, you agree to these terms.

    Brief Summary.

    • Pzaz er ikke en forhandler. Pzaz er en markedsplads, der skaber forbindelse mellem dig og din(e) m√•lgruppe(r).
    • We provide the ecosystem and technology to facilitate this agreement, including delivery of your packaged content and the ability for you to collect revenue from your audience(s). Pzaz charges commission on anything sold via its ecosystem and marketplace.
    • Slutbrugerlicens- og finansieringsaftalerne er mellem dig og dine brugere.
    • Du er og vil altid v√¶re ejer af det indhold, du offentligg√łr p√• Pzaz-platformen.
    • You are responsible for ensuring that your published content is legal. This means your content must comply with national and international laws.
    • Pzaz godkender alt indhold f√łr offentligg√łrelse.
    • Du er ansvarlig for at styre forholdet til dine kunder, herunder √łkonomi og support til h√•ndtering af sager som tvister og anmodninger om tilbagebetaling.
    • Pzaz giver dig et betalings CRM til at forbinde din betalingsgateway, som Braintree (Paypal) eller Stripe. Det betyder, at betalingerne g√•r direkte til din bankkonto.
    • Pzaz provides data reporting so you can optimize performance.
    • Pzaz sender typisk sine provisionsfakturaer hver m√•ned (se vilk√•r).


    Pzaz is a global media content aggregator platform. A ‚ÄúPzaz Partner Account‚ÄĚ (PPA) gives ‚ÄúPzaz Partners‚ÄĚ access to the ‚ÄúPzaz Platform‚ÄĚ which offers content producers and distributors, access to the ‚ÄúPzaz Channel Store‚ÄĚ resources including content management functionalities using the ‚ÄúPzaz Publisher Tools‚ÄĚ and distribution via ‚ÄúPzaz Outlets‚ÄĚ, applications for a wide range of devices and monetization features, including revenue sharing from ads being served on your content.

    Note: If you commercially need different Terms to be profitable, please contact partnersales@pzaz.tv.

    Criteria for joining.

    • This agreement becomes effective the moment you sign up for an account. If you don‚Äôt agree to the terms here, please do not create a Pzaz account.
    • You may only sign up if you are legally authorized to use the content you are publishing.
    • Pzaz may amend this agreement and its terms of service at any time by providing you with a 30-day notification. Changes required to comply with law or regulations, to reflect changes in best practice, or to deal with additional features that are introduced become effective immediately and without notice.
    • Pzaz improves and updates its platform all the time and does so without having to notify you, as long as the updates do not change the nature of the service.
    • The information you provide shall, at all times, be complete, accurate and true and you will not withhold any information.
    • You guarantee that you have a good faith belief that everything you provide is legal.
    • You are indicating that you want to be a Pzaz partner and put in best efforts to support the partner collective and its community.
    • You will not do anything that harms Pzaz or its partners.
    • You will comply with all Laws and you will not do anything illegal, in appropriate or use the Platform for any illegal activities.
    • Pzaz reserves the right to take legal action against you if you fail to comply with the agreement or terms.


    You: the person, company or other entity that is entering into the Agreement.

    Affiliate: a person or company is associated with Pzaz that brings in new content or distribution partners.

    Marketing Materials: these are any materials provided by or approved by you in connection with the advertising, promotion and marketing of your Channel(s) and/or Content.

    Your Marks: your trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, or brands, as owned (or licensed) by you.

    Platform Data: is all the data collected by Pzaz when your content is consumed by end-users.

    SVOD: ‚ÄúSubscription Video On Demand‚ÄĚ is a fee-based on-demand subscription service.

    TVOD: ‚ÄúTransactional Video On Demand‚ÄĚ is a service where the user pays a fee to consume content within a defined period.

    AVOD: ‚ÄúAd-supported Video on Demand‚ÄĚ is content that is typically primarily free to watch by the end user and monetizes to you through the insertion of ads.

    Ad Inventory: this is the inventory with ads that are used to monetize Content.

    Impressions: The number of ads successfully monetized.

    Confidential Information: is all information shared between you and Pzaz that is indicated to be confidential or that reasonably should be understood to be confidential.

    What you get.


    Pzaz gives you a limited, non-exclusive right to the Publisher Tools offered within the Publisher Program and to use the Pzaz Brand Assets in your marketing to promote your content. You may not use Pzaz marketing materials or brand assets in way that harms Pzaz.

    Pzaz engages in activities to maximize the consumption and revenue of your content through the Pzaz Outlets (Tell me more). For this purpose, Pzaz also optimizes your digital files and uses your mark and marketing materials to distribute and promote your partner channel. Pzaz offers you the use of its Publisher tools to release, distribute and market your content through the Pzaz Outlets.

    Pzaz Outlets.

    Pzaz offers you your own brand storefront on the Pzaz platform . Your brand storefront displays and promotes your content to the Pzaz audience.

    As a partner, you receive your own user signup journey that allows your users to sign up directly from your website, starting the journey inside your dedicated Pzaz storefront. You agree to place a link to this user signup journey on your website and direct your users to watch your content directly in your dedicated Pzaz environment.

    As a partner, you agree to allow Pzaz to include and monetize your content in one or more Pzaz-branded streaming channels and Pzaz-branded content packs. These packs include selected partners’ content distributed under the Pzaz brand name, generating awareness and connecting your content directly to larger sets of content available on and off the Pzaz platform.

    Pzaz produces bespoke promotional materials (for example, promotional videos or static ads) that are added to streams and content items, generating awareness and connecting directly to your brand storefront.

    Pzaz may monetize these Pzaz branded streaming channels and Pzaz-branded content packs via a wide range of outlets, including other streaming platform partnerships, and share the revenue with you.


    You guarantee that you have the authority to enter into this agreement and you have the necessary rights, licenses and approvals for everything you are using on your partner channel.

    Pzaz does not and will not own any of your rights; you will continue at all times to own all rights to anything you have added to your channel. Pzaz continues to own all rights to its platform.


    For AVOD services, Pzaz shall take care of the placement and amount of video advertising inventory within your content (the ‚ÄúAdvertising Inventory‚ÄĚ) using an Ad Server. Pzaz shall have the right to sell all of the advertising inventory.

    Pzaz shall pay you on a monthly basis 50% of the Net Advertising Revenues – which means all ad revenues Pzaz received from your channel, less ad server fees, agency fees, and commissions and sales costs we might have to pay to distribution partners. Our reporting is completely transparent and fair; we treat you the way we want to be treated ourselves.

    Pzaz keeps track of how many ad impressions are served with your content using the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) data specification. This VAST specification is defined and released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and specifies the communication used between ad servers and video players.

    The Ad Server provides data-reporting on revenue generated. Pzaz shall pay the amount stated in the revenue report within thirty (30) business days of the end of each month.

    You may also agree with Pzaz to provide your own advertising partners. In this case an Addendum shall be added to this agreement that describes a specific agreement. If you need this, please contact partnersales@pzaz.tv.

    Any monetary compensation for your content, including purchase and rent of your content by subscribers (SVOD, TVOD or credits), will be paid directly to you by subscribers via your preferred method. Pzaz will not take part in commercial activity between you and subscribers. Any applicable taxes and duties will be solely your responsibility.

    As compensation for the services Pzaz provides to you, Pzaz shall receive commissions of 50% of the gross fee you received from a subscriber. The compensation will be paid monthly from the Effective Date until the end of the Agreement. You shall pay all fees and/or commissions in the currency specified in the applicable invoice and/or revenue report by wire transfer to an account specified by Pzaz. You shall pay the amount stated in the invoice and/or revenue report within thirty (30) business days following its receipt.

    If you or Pzaz fails to pay on time, interest shall accrue on unpaid amounts at 20% per annum and both may immediately suspend its services, terminate this agreement and limit access to your channel. If this happens, your users and subscribers will no longer be able to access your channel and content.

    For a payment to be made by Pzaz to you, the minimum revenue must exceed twenty-five (‚ā¨25) euros. The amount will continue to accrue until this minimum is reached. You shall be responsible for all bank transfer fees and any/all bank transfer fees will be deducted from the payment during the transfer.


    The Publisher Tool allows you to publish, modify, manage, and customise the content in your channel.

    You are responsible for all content you upload and/or publish with Pzaz.

    You can setup geo-restrictions for all your content to define where your content shall be available around the globe.

    Content submitted for publication is reviewed by Pzaz on a first come, first served basis.

    Pzaz reserves the right to refuse publication and/or remove content if it does not comply with its content policies as described in this agreement.

    Pzaz may suspend, restrict or close your account if it reasonably believes this is necessary.


    To help you effectively deliver your content to your users, Pzaz provides a distribution service that among other things, includes hosting, multi-bitrate transcoding ‚Äď optimizing your content for a wide range of devices and Internet speeds ‚Äď and streaming delivery with CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). Through the combination of these services, Pzaz will reasonably guarantee the security of your content against theft.

    Pzaz is under no obligation to host or deliver your content. Pzaz may refuse to do so if it believes our investment required will not lead to a profitable situation.

    You do not have to host your content with Pzaz. You may also host your content yourself and simply provide us with streaming links. In this case, you are responsible for delivering content in a suitable format that is supported by the Pzaz media players.

    If you decide to provide your own streaming links, please be aware Pzaz cannot provide you with its security features. Pzaz may require you to use its delivery mechanisms if it believes your delivery service does not provide a seamless streaming experience.

    Content & Guidelines.

    You will not provide or use anything that is: discriminating, incites violence, places individuals or groups in imminent harm, or are otherwise unlawful or encourage illegal activity; infringes or violates anyone else’s rights; facilitates gambling; contains false or misleading information; or is inconsistent with Pzaz‚Äôs terms and conditions.

    You may only publish your content under one single brand. You may not create more than one account. Once uploaded you can configure your content using different monetization models.

    You must accurately provide informational guidance, categorise, label and setup age-ratings for your content. Content with incomplete information shall be made unavailable for users.

    You will only use Product Information that is appropriate for all audiences.

    Mature content typically falls into these categories: strong language, nudity and sexual situations, violence/disturbing and drug use. Age-ratings should be added to clearly indicate which age groups are the appropriate audience for your content.

    Metadata is used to include your content in search, discovery and recommendation features on Pzaz.

    It is highly recommended that you provide Electronic Programming Guides (EPGs) for your live stream channels, according to the Pzaz documented standards. Pzaz reserves the right to publish the Channel without EPG data if the provided EPG quality is poor.

    Copyright holders can file a takedown notice to Pzaz when they are convinced that their content has been published without their permission. This process is formalized in the Pzaz Takedown Process. Currently available online at this address: https://pzaz.tv/content-violations/


    Pzaz provides first-line technical end user support. You will be responsible for providing commercial support and Pzaz will direct support inquiries to you. You shall respond promptly to these requests, and no later than the next business day.


    Pzaz does not allow content that infringes or encourages infringement on the intellectual property rights of others.

    You are responsible to comply with local laws for each geo-territory you want to distribute in.

    You will remove your content if you no longer have the rights required for them.

    Pzaz may ask you to sign a Copyright and Content Authorization form and/or to supply additional proof of ownership.

    Your Terms and Policies.

    Pzaz provides Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy that end users must agree with during signup.

    You may include your own Terms of Service for your content to govern your end-user rights and provide your own Privacy Policy.

    Where there is conflict between yours and the Pzaz Terms and Policies, the Pzaz terms and policies are applicable. You agree Pzaz will not be responsible for, and will not have liability under your Terms of Service.


    You or Pzaz may terminate this agreement at any time by providing a 30-days prior written notice. Pzaz will remove your account and all its content and all data will be lost upon termination. You will stop all marketing and sales activities related to your channel on Pzaz at the time of termination. Everything in this agreement will apply until the last day the agreement expires.

    You will notify your subscribers at least 30 days before the planned cease of operation and you will continue delivering your channel until the last day of this agreement. Users that purchased Content from you shall be reimbursed for unused time left.

    Warranty & Liability.

    Pzaz is provided as-is without warranty. Using Pzaz is at your own risk and expense and Pzaz is not liable for anything going wrong with the delivery of your content. Pzaz shall not be liable or responsible to you for any failure or delay caused by something beyond the control of the parties nor any damages whatsoever.

    You agree that any disputes shall be settled amicably by mutual discussion and that you shall not initiate legal proceedings unless you have tried and failed to resolve the dispute by negotiation.


    You will not disclose any confidential information shared with you to any third party without Pzaz’s written consent.


    This Agreement will be governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any litigation or dispute resolution will take place in a court located in the United Kingdom.

    If a UK court finds anything in this agreement to be unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

    This Agreement has been written in the English language. It may be translated, for convenience, into other languages. However, in case of error or disagreement, this English version applies.

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