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    Hjem > Press Centre > 3 New Channels to Enhance Variety on Pzaz TV

    3 New Channels to Enhance Variety on Pzaz TV

    8th September

    Pzaz TV continues its campaign to bring in more variety and excitement to the platform by adding three stimulating channels to the list: Academy Films, Football Forecast Weekly, and Photomundo.

    Broadening the Pzaz world, the three new channels will deliver a wide range of international content that will appease the taste of Pzaz’s diversified audience, pleasing the ones craving for more culture and independent productions, but also the sports fans in need of more insightful news about their favourite sports and teams.

    The PHOTOMUNDO channel is the result of a collaboration between Photomundo International and Pacific Invasion Media, with a mutual goal to produce films all over the world and tell the unheard stories of everyday people, while also bridging the gap between Hollywood and Hawaii.

    FOOTBALL FORECAST WEEKLY is a longevive sports program started in California in 1988 before moving to Las Vegas in 1991, providing sports fans with insights and news about their favourite teams, as well as game predictions based on what’s happening on and off the field.

    ACADEMY FILMS is here to promote Armenian movie and television projects to the international market, delivering Armenian local production to the Pzaz audience, as well as other world-class films that enjoy great popularity in other parts of the world.
    ‚ÄėAs ferm promoters of Independent TV, Pzaz is on a constant lookout for new channels and content that goes beyond the background noise of everyday media, this time bringing in a mixed group of content, ranging from cultural-specific productions, to TV shows aimed at passionate sports fans‚Äô

    Vincent Weberink – Pzaz TV CEO

    About Pzaz TV

    Offering a wide range of both paid and free entertainment choices, Pzaz is keen on working with independent content producers, allowing for a more diverse television experience that can reach everyone globally, on any device. Pzaz TV differentiates itself from its competitors through its focus on independent film, music and TV producers and by providing a blended media experience that is able to connect end users with their favourite content creators. The company provides a new way for people to hyper personalise their entertainment choices by getting rid of the captive product pricing that other television providers opt for, to the despair of their customers. The Pzaz media app is available for download on both Google Play and on the App Store. To learn more about Pzaz, visit https://pzaz.tv/

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