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    Trusted by 260+ Independent TV Anbieter.

    A platform that matches film-makers with film lovers.

    Pzaz is the community where independent TV producers of film, series and shorts come together, sharing their audiences while retaining ownership and control of their viewer base.

    With over 260+ partners and growing, our ambition is to become the most loved, culturally diverse global entertainment TV platform. Join today and get instant access to new audiences.

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    Pzaz is the independent TV platform defined by its unified, cross-cultural and global channel partner collaboration model.
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    A universal
    TV experience.

    Pzaz provides a universal experience across
    all devices: TV, desktop, tablet and phone.

    Pzaz takes care of all your operational needs, from
    hosting to subscription management, saving you
    time, effort, and money. This means you get to focus on
    what matters most; building success.

    Promote your channel
    to our rapidly growing
    global audiences.
    Your audience can be
    anywhere, on all devices.
    You set the rules.
    Stay in control of your
    content, your subscribers,
    your data, and your monetization.
    Payments are processed
    in Pzaz but fed directly
    into your bank account.

    Similar to Roku and Apple TV,
    but better.

    With an overwhelming range of captive distribution platforms, it can be hard to decide where to invest your time and money.

    Pzaz is similar to ROKU and Apple TV, but it’s software based, offering limitless scaling across markets globally.

    A Partner Community,
    POWERED by Pzaz.

    We are creating the world’s largest independent TV partner community. Provide your viewers with the Pzaz experience. When you promote your channel to your audiences, you will get the audiences from hundreds of other channel partners in return.

    Powered by Pzaz means you can instantly open shop and showcase your content to our audiences. Pzaz actively promotes channel partner content to its audiences through social media, press releases, email marketing, and advertising.

    Partner Testimonials.

    Pzaz is TV as it should be !

    “The Pzaz experience is where viewers can
    cherry-pick what they want to watch, creating an
    exhilarating TV-a-la-carte TV experience.‚ÄĚ

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