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    Home > Press Centre > Il film "Ghost of Wuhan" viene trasmesso in esclusiva su Pzaz TV.

    Il film "Ghost of Wuhan" viene trasmesso in esclusiva su Pzaz TV.

    31 marzo 2022

    Ghost of Wuhan is a new film telling the personal story of a stubborn virologist trying to survive and find answers during the Covid-19 global pandemic. The film will be released on Friday the 15th of April 2022 and will stream on Pzaz TV.

    The film follows Ankit Mishra, a Ph.D. who returns from Wuhan, China back to his hometown in Mumbai, India. Even though his parents had always wanted him to become a doctor, Ankit ended up becoming a Virologist instead. Shortly after moving back to Mumbai Ankit starts experiencing some symptoms of an unknown virus and studies his condition while he self-quarantines at home. After running some tests, Ankit establishes that he has been infected with the Covid-19 virus. To prove himself as an able virologist he experiments on himself and after a lot of struggles, Ankit cures himself by developing medicine to counteract the virus.

    The film features Mr RC Pathak, a well-known actor in the Indian film industry alongside upcoming actors Diksha Pathak, Veer Kant Singh and Ankit Mishra. The music for the film has been composed by Filippo Cosentino, adding an immense contribution to the action and completing the story. According to the creators the film was produced to build awareness of how we can survive this kind of pandemic and create motivation and hope for wider society.

    "This movie is for all coronavirus survivors. For those who lost their family members, and for the warriors who fight for us in this pandemic. We can’t end this virus but we can learn to survive alongside it. This film sends the message that until your last breath never say die.” – Ankit Mishra

    Ghost of Wuhan is a great addition to Pzaz TV as an original story with a strong message of hope that will resonate with many people around the world.

    "Pzaz is unique because we partner with a greater variety of independent film and TV producers than any other platform. We are delighted that the team behind Ghost of Wuhan felt trust in Pzaz TV to be able to connect their unique story to new audiences, where we can connect and grow together.” Michelle Denby – Marketing Manager.

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