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    Senior QA Analyst

    Are you an experienced Senior QA Analyst looking to join a remote, dynamic team on a full-time basis?

    Do you have a passion for TV, streaming services and technology?

    Then let’s make things happen.

    We need someone to lead, deliver and fine-tune critical projects in a timely manner, while making sure development quality standards are always met.

    You’ll provide clear, critical analysis of bugs for our products, and lead other QA such as manual tester and automation engineer. In return we’ll make sure you’ve got all the support you need.

    See what it takes to become our Senior QA Analyst below.

    Full-time Full-time
    Remote Working Remote Working
    Competitive Salary Competitive Salary

    Your objectives.

    As the Senior QA Analyst, you will be measured against the following objectives:

    • Ensure the products we deliver are of the highest-quality.
    • Provide a great customer experience by detecting and removing flaws and bugs.
    • Reduce the cycle time between development work starting and it being released to production (i.e. put into the hands of users).
    • Plan and deliver a strategy for optimising our Quality Assurance.
    • Lead a team of manual and automated QA analysts.

    What you will do.

    In this role, your duties and responsibilities will include:

    • Maintaining a framework of recurring tasks which should be followed in the absence of fresh issues.
    • Developing a system for collecting and prioritizing all tasks based on importance.
    • Documenting tests accordingly, recording average test duration and keeping a record of all tests undertaken.
    • Keep track of all areas of responsibility, such as project areas you are expected to cover, or for which use cases you assure quality.
    • Work together with the Support Team to streamline bug detection.
    • Adhere to ad-hoc tasks created in response to specific, unique situations, prioritizing them accordingly.
    • Contribute to requirements gathering and provide input and value throughout the development process.
    • Make testing an integral part of our development processes from the start and throughout.
    • Provide coaching and line management to other QA analysts.
    • Decide what tests should be automated (and then oversee their automation by a specialist).

    How you will do it.

    Become a product expert: We expect you to become a master in using, understanding and living our product. You should be the go-to person for questions about why things are the way they are.

    Take Ownership: As one of our QA‚Äôs, you must be committed to following an issue through resolution by taking temporary ‚Äėownership‚Äô of the product and engaging the needed people to resolve that issue.

    See it in perspective: Given the intricacy of the platforms, operating systems, devices, versions and browsers compatible with Pzaz, you must take ownership of the entire problem and not treat an issue as only a local predicament.

    Keep it simple: Though development issues are complex, you must be able to explain them in the simplest and quickest manner possible in order to streamline finding the right solution.

    Know how to prioritize: You must be able to maintain a clear head under volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous circumstances, and prioritize tasks and procedures according to their immediate importance.

    Aim to deliver: While commitment to delivering excellent software is the top priority for our QAs, at Pzaz we follow the principle that it is always better to launch a good product, than fail to launch a perfect one.

    What you will bring:

    Required Skills:

    • Seasoned in troubleshooting and debugging.
    • Hands-on experience in testing techniques and testing tools.
    • Knowledge of best practices and tools for use on the job.
    • Exceptional organisational and problem-solving skills.
    • Meticulous attention to detail and accuracy in everything you contribute to.
    • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, remote-working environment.
    • Capability to engage, influence and motivate colleagues of all levels.
    • Can-do attitude, with a passion for learning and applying new approaches
    • Scrum/agile experience

    Desired skills:

    • Testing qualification.
    • Experience with development languages such as Javascript/Node.js/CSS/HTML5/etc.
    • Experience with automation frameworks such as
    • Understanding of modern software development stack version control systems (Git.).#

    Got what it takes?

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