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    Sākums > Press Centre > Pzaz TV attends the 2022 Venice Film Festival

    Pzaz TV attends the 2022 Venice Film Festival

    6th September 2022

    Pzaz TV joins in on the red carpet glamour as it extends the offer to include Film Festivals.

    The 2022 Venice International Film Festival kicked off on August 31st and it is running until the 10th of September, celebrating the art of filmmaking, with a line-up of the latest movies from film directors worldwide. This year, Pzaz TV teamed up with France-based EUROVOD in Italy for the 79th Venice International Film Festival, the world’s oldest annual film festival. Grouping 30+ members from 19 different countries, EUROVOD is the only established association that assembles and speaks for the European Independent VoD platforms specialised in arthouse, European and indie cinema.

    “We’re thrilled to be here at the Venice Film Festival this year, for the first time ever together with our team and with EUROVOD. It is a once in a lifetime experience and we’re excited for this wonderful opportunity to be networking with film festival organisers and make new friends in the motion picture industry. So far, we’ve had a wonderful time here and we hope to come back next year as well.” says Vincent Weberink, CEO of Pzaz TV.

    Film festivals can now be featured on the Pzaz Film Festival Directory, as the company extends the offer to promote any upcoming film festival to their global audience. With millions of worldwide viewers, the Pzaz TV platform provides film festivals higher visibility and continuous profitability. As of today, film festivals can showcase their content on Pzaz TV, allowing them to immediately access a broader public on any device. With a focus on independent film producers, Pzaz TV is determined to reach culturally diverse fans and make festival promotion a seamless experience for both movie-goers and organisers.

    About Pzaz TV

    Offering a wide range of both paid and free entertainment choices, Pzaz is keen on working with independent content producers, allowing for a more diverse television experience that can reach everyone globally, on any device. Pzaz TV differentiates itself from its competitors through its focus on independent film, music and TV producers and by providing a blended media experience that is able to connect end users with their favourite content creators. The company provides a new way for people to hyper personalise their entertainment choices by getting rid of the captive product pricing that other television providers opt for, to the despair of their customers. The Pzaz media app is available for download on both Google Play and on the App Store. To learn more about Pzaz, visit

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