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    Strona gŇā√≥wna > Press Centre > Global Sustainable Futures Network doŇāńÖcza do Pzaz TV.

    Global Sustainable Futures Network doŇāńÖcza do Pzaz TV.

    10 marca 2022 r.

    London, UK – Pzaz TV continues its innovative approach to independent content by adding Global Sustainable Futures Network (GSFN) ( to its platform.

    GSFN is the first channel in the Pzaz sustainability category, and it challenges viewers to create solutions that protect the environment for future generations. The channel’s mission is to connect researchers and audiences by sharing research results, stimulating creative thinking and showcasing passion for a sustainable future.

    Founded in 2020, GSFN will open pathways between Global South and Global North countries and individuals dedicated to sustainability. Ultimately it wants to foster partnerships with communities and achieve a long-lasting societal impact.

    GSFN was founded on 31st October 2020 by Dr Renuka Thakore from the Research, Innovations and Partnerships Department, UCEM. Dr Thakore believes that collaborations between stakeholders, research partnerships between diverse academics, knowledge exchange, and education enhancement are crucial to achieving a truly sustainable future.

    Pzaz TV CEO Vincent Weberink says of the partnership: “Global Sustainable Futures Network is a perfect example of the type of initiatives we want to support. GSFN is the first channel we help launch on Pzaz as part of the sustainability content. We support its mission to connect people globally on the key issues we face for the future.

    Global Sustainable Futures Network offers its content as video-on-demand and is free to watch for Pzaz users.

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