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    Ukraine 24 news channel live on Pzaz TV.

    April 21st 2022

    Ukraine 24 is one of the most popular sources for people following news events in the Ukraine and abroad and it’s now available to stream on Pzaz TV. The channel offers
    interviews with famous personalities, exclusive comments from opinion leaders, expert advice and major political and social news.

    The TV channel began broadcasting in December 2019 and has regional offices throughout Ukraine, as well as several international editorial offices, keeping Ukrainian and international viewers informed on the latest news events.

    The channel is constantly improving, developing new interesting formats and broadcasting exceptionally high-quality content in order to be a real information leader for viewers. Today the channel is viewed in more than 30 million households with a significant foreign audience.

    Also recently launched on Pzaz TV is Current Time TV. The news channel broadcasts 24 hours a day in Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as in other
    regions. The editorial office of Current Time TV is located in Prague (Czech Republic), and journalists work in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

    ‚ÄúProviding access to news channels to expats and citizens working or travelling abroad is an important service, and helps keep people connected to their home countries and culture. With the addition of Ukraine 24 and Current Time TV, Pzaz is adding yet more international news channels to the platform, and giving viewers access to independent, high quality news broadcasts from channels and journalist they know and trust.‚ÄĚ Michelle Denby – Marketing Manager, Pzaz TV.

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