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    Let’s have
    some Pzaz !

    The Success Programme.
    Pzaz is the only platform that offers you a comprehensive package
    to help you market your content from day one, completely free. We
    have tailored support for Producers and Distributors.
    All eyes on you. Pzaz partners get.

    Your “branded storefront”.

    We help you setup your “branded storefront” with logo, images, trailers, comprehensive information, selling arguments, content packages and e-commerce.


    Discover new fans and amplify your brand globally with your branded storefront; a dedicated landing page where you can promote your content to Pzaz’s rapidly growing global audiences.

    Make it your own by uploading your logo, banner, description, trailers, imagery and more. Accessible for everyone, even those without a Pzaz account, it’s the perfect way to get eyeballs on your content.

    Added Exposure.

    We place your branded storefront under the “New
    Partner” heading in the Partner Store for 7 days.

    We place your content under the “Recently Added”
    heading in their respective collections for 7 days.

    We integrate your TV guide data (EPG).

    We include your content in Pzaz Universal TV Search
    to boost discoverability and engagement.

    Unlock publicity perks.

    Helping one other.

    Partners who follow us on social and post about their immanent arrival on
    the Pzaz platform to their followers unlock the following publicity perks.

    We issue a custom-made press release announcing
    our partnership and highlighting your content.

    We produce Pzaz co-branded video advertisements
    to cross-promote your brand, channel and content in
    all our outlets and social media.

    Other benefits of partnering with Pzaz.

    More than just a TV platform.

    We know the industry.

    Pzaz brings expertise in international demand and trends, supporting the development and promotion of your channel.

    We lobby for change.

    Pzaz works with government agencies to ensure all available support benefits content creators and audiences alike, such as promotion of art and culture.

    We educate.

    Pzaz is a member of film institutions that support projects to further education and cultural awareness.

    We get out there.

    Pzaz attends film festivals and tradeshows to actively promote Pzaz and its Channel Partners.

    We guide.

    Pzaz works with our partners to hone strategies for distribution & marketing, fundraising, and project planning to help our channel partners on their journey.

    We invest.

    Pzaz actively invest in technology and experts to promote the Pzaz model, helping our partners monetize.

    What you can do.

    Be proud.

    Actively promote your “branded storefront”
    with ads, by email, social media etc.

    Add the “Available on Pzaz” banners to your
    marketing collateral (e.g. website, social).

    Provide special offers or exclusive
    promotions for Pzaz audiences.

    Promote your 30-second trailer on your
    website and social media.

    Add the Pzaz co-branded sign up journey.