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    Главная > Press Centre > A Quartet Of Channels Ready To Wow All Audiences, Available On Pzaz TV

    A Quartet Of Channels Ready To Wow All Audiences, Available On Pzaz TV

    July 22nd 2022

    The TV and music a-la-carte app Pzaz TV is offering this summer all kinds of entertainment for its most eclectic audiences. Focusing on independent TV, it features dozens of channels with content as varied as films, series, music, live TV or children’s entertainment. As such, Pzaz proudly presents four of its channels where short films, monster truck races, a motley crew of bikers and a young heroine taking your children on educational adventures co-exist together.

    NDE FILMS, NITRO TV, CHOPPERTOWN and FUN WITH ALICIA are the names of the channels we highlight this week, each destined to a particular audience, and each possessing something
    unique that takes great entertainment further than what you can find on regular television.

    • NDE FILMS features content from this production house based in Los Angeles, CA, active since 2020. Helmed by director Nicola Rinciari, and producer Emily Dillard, the channel introduces highly awarded short features that delve on social issues and incredibly exciting topics. NDE is committed to create quality entertainment and original stories from untold perspectives, where classic cinema meets innovation.
    • NITRO TV is adrenaline-charged family entertainment featuring the most famous trucks in the world as well as motorcycles and Slammers Door racing. Audiences everywhere
      can enjoy watching top-class drivers push their perfectly engineered vehicles to their limits. But other than exclusive reports on monster truck races, shows and fairs, Nitro TV also brings people back to older, simpler times with nostalgia drag racing.
    • CHOPPERTOWN is a fresh take on an underground culture and lifestyle that still excites audiences all over the world ever since they witnessed the adventures of a few “easy
      riders” in the 60s. Featuring the award-winning biker films from One World Studios, Choppertown introduces such unlikely heroes with unique freewheeling personalities like
      Kutty Noteboom, Rico Fodrey, and their brothers and sisters from the Sinners Hot Rod and Motorcycle Club.
    • FUN WITH ALICIA, from Vlogbox, features 21 children’s videos filled to the brim with games, educational classes, and fresh ideas for an unforgettable experience. 9-year-old
      Alicia and her lovely family members have many feel-good moments bound to inspire and unite the youngest audiences all over the world as they discover a treasure trove of kindhearted edutainment videos that will spark up children’s imagination.

    NDE Films, Nitro TV, Choppertown and Fun with Alicia are all available now on Pzaz TV alongside hundreds of other channels ready to turn this entertainment platform into TV as it should be.

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    Pzaz is the TV and music a-la-carte app focusing on independent TV. A team of passionate, curious professionals, we are united in our efforts to deliver the most loved, culturally diverse, global entertainment platform.

    Pzaz is ‘TV as it should be’ – an online TV platform featuring a diverse content selection from 150+ independent TV providers across the globe and growing fast.

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