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    Domov > Press Centre > Ocenený dokumentárny film "Nkosi Eclipsed", teraz dostupný na Pzaz TV

    Ocenený dokumentárny film "Nkosi Eclipsed", teraz dostupný na Pzaz TV

    15. júla 2022

    The Metamorphosis Pictures Channel will be premiering “Nkosi Eclipsed”, winner of Best Short Documentary at the Nice International Film Festival. The documentary will be released today, Friday July the 15th and will stream independent online media platform and TV super-app Pzaz TV in all countries except the US.

    The documentary follows the saga of Nkosi Gray-El, and his journey before, throughout, and after incarceration. By rediscovering an early childhood practice, Nkosi uses yoga to help his fellow inmates endure intense physical, mental, and emotional suffering behind bars.

    With the U.S. correctional system as the foreground, Nkosi delves deeper into the daily struggles of a prison inmate in a world weaponized to fuel a for-profit industry. Now, as a returning citizen, Nkosi describes the personal and professional challenges someone in his position faces after being sent back into the free world.

    Nkosi Eclipsed is directed by Candice Delevante, a New York-based screenwriter and documentary filmmaker, with productions that explore current social, economic and environmental issues. Her projects have been showcased at festivals in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe and Australia.

    Metamorphosis Pictures was founded in 2019 to feature unique perspectives on socially relevant topics, with genres including comedy, satire, drama, fantasy, and documentary. Its works will now feature on independent online media platform and TV super-app PzazTV.

    “Pzaz TV allows independent filmmakers such as the talented Candice Delevante release their productions to the public on our platform. This gives a chance to our audience to go beyond the
    mainstream genre, and enrich their culture with a different, looking-glass view on social epiphanies around the world.”
    Vincent Weberink, CEO Pzaz TV

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