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    Ev > Press Centre > Pzaz Welcomes OTTera As Its New Strategic Partner

    Pzaz Welcomes OTTera As Its New Strategic Partner

    August 23rd 2022

    ÔÇťThe association with OTTera was the logical step forward, bringing tremendous benefits to our partners.ÔÇŁ

    Whether itÔÇÖs video on demand, music or television streaming, London-based Pzaz TV is here to revolutionise the ways in which people watch their favourite shows, movies and music channels by providing both free of charge and paid viewing options with a large entertainment mix that can be personalised to fit anyoneÔÇÖs needs. The company has partnered with OTT/FAST Channel provider OTTera to leverage advertising on its ÔÇśTV as it should beÔÇÖ platform.

    OTTera will enable, assist and supply advertising for Pzaz TV in its upcoming additional launches, making the free, ad-supported FAST television and video on demand provider a perfect platform for producers to optimise the ways in which they monetize their content.

    Los Angeles-based OTTera works with the biggest TV companies in the FAST sector, to help them optimise their advertising in the OTT, CTV space with AdNet+. With more than one hundred million global users, OTTera manages more than eighty OTT services and over two hundred channels. With the help of OTTera AdNet Managed Advertising Services, Pzaz TV can now monetize its OTT service and leave the ins and outs of the fluid digital advertising scenery behind, to continue focusing on being the leading aggregator TV platform on the global market.

    ÔÇťThe association with OTTera was the logical step forward, bringing tremendous financial benefits to our partners. Now Pzaz can focus on what it does best, which is being the leading aggregator platform on the market that will provide new solutions to bring content creators and consumers closer to one another.ÔÇŁ says Vincent Weberink, CEO of Pzaz TV.

    About Pzaz TV

    Offering a wide range of both paid and free entertainment choices, Pzaz is keen on working with independent content producers, allowing for a more diverse television experience that can reach everyone globally, on any device. Pzaz TV differentiates itself from its competitors through its focus on independent film, music and TV producers and by providing a blended media experience that is able to connect end users with their favourite content creators. The company provides a new way for people to hyper personalise their entertainment choices by getting rid of the captive product pricing that other television providers opt for, to the despair of their customers. The Pzaz media app is available for download on both Google Play and on the App Store. To learn more about Pzaz, visit

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