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    What’s new in Pzaz

    Our newest and most relevant additions and changes


    What’s new
    Pzaz Kids

    Safe environment for kids to watch safe content.

    What’s new
    Rework of content items

    New fresh user friendly designs for our content items.

    June 2022
    • Series filter in search
    • Added new Recently added row
    • Added new Recently watched row
    May 2022
    • New hide/unhide function added for content you don’t want to see
    • New like and dislike function added to rate the content
    • New top banners added for Vod’s
    Previous Releases
    Important changes or additions from the last six months

    April 2022

    -New player template.


    March 2022

    -Added lazy load.

    -Support for the German language.


    February 2022

    -Qello promotion.


    January 2022

    -Bucket of content

    -Showcasing our best content so you’ll always find something great to watch.